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The Complete Guide to the Native American Style Flute has everything for all Native American Style Flute players. Clear and easy instruction for beginners to advanced players.

Complete NAF Guide
Learn the techniques to playing with confidence. Discover how to add embellishments, explore alternate scales, and master articulation and vibrato Native American Music Award Winner Scott August's step-by-step instructions will have you playing your first notes in no time and on the path to creating your own music!

40% larger than the second edition. Includes brand new sections and over 120 original songs and duets for Native American style flute.

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Zoom Webinars

Scott August and the Santa Fe Flute School is offering
in-depth NAF Webinars in conjunction with
Cedar Mesa Music

Introduction to Embellishments
Two-Part Webinar
Feb 17, & 24, 2022

Video access of past webinars is also available.

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Scott August and the Santa Fe Flute School is offering
in-depth NAF Webinars in conjunction with
Cedar Mesa Music

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Private Lessons
Learn more about Private Lessons with Native American Music Award winner, Scott August
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"You should absolutely consider participating in one of Scott August's workshops! The support and instruction you receive there will boost your playing to new levels and your confidence will soar along with your new abilities. I have attended two of them and am eagerly looking forward to my third." – Mark N. Utah
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"Anyone with a passion for learning the Native American flute need look no further...Scott August has a wonderful methodology that makes all who desire to play, successful. I will return again and again." -Ginni S., AZ
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"[The workshop] was laser focused on getting participants to understand playing techniques, embellishments and being introduced to duet playing." – Tom K., CO.
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"Being in the Santa Fe Flute School workshops has been the best experiences of my flute journey. The energy and time Scott August puts into creating the best workshops I've attended have inspired me to take music in directions I never imagined I could go. It was really great fun." – Marcia, TX

We are planning more multi-day workshops and what to know what subjects people are interested in.
Please let us know what type of multi-day workshop you'd like to attend...