About the Santa Fe Flute School

The Santa Fe Flute School is the premier destination for information and knowledge for Native American Style Flute players and enthusiasts worldwide. Founded by Native American Music Award Winner, Scott August, the Santa Fe Flute School offers a series of Multi-day workshops in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico, Private Instruction over Skype, along with online articles and tutorials for the Native American Style and Basketmaker (Anasazi) Style Flutes.

The goal of the Santa Fe Flute School is to help Native American Style Flute players reach their goals and play with confidence, all in a relaxed, non-threatening, environment.

Our workshops cover a broad range of topics, from technique, duet playing, songwriting and recording your NAF.

About Scott August

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Multi-instrumentalist Scott August is an awarding winning composer and Native American style flute player known for his evocative soundscapes combining World and Ambient musical styles. His music is regularly featured on the nationally syndicated radio shows “Hearts of Space” and “Echoes” and on the the digital networks XM, Sirius, DISH and DirecTV.

August’s music has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Native American Music Award (NAMMY), and an Indian Summer Music Award. His albums Lost Canyons and Hidden Journey both won Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) Award for Best Native album, while his 2010 album Radiant Sky was nominated for best New Age album of the year--a rarity for an album released in the Native Inspired Music genre. In 2009, his DVD, Ancient Light, was aired on the PBS network. In addition to his recordings August is the author of four books and a popular blog.

John Diliberto of Echoes radio says "August has always been a cut or two above most native flute players... He layers guitars, keyboards and all kinds of percussion into his compositions, moving from world fusion to airy ambiences."

August's sixth and latest album, "Hidden Journey" has been met with acclaim. Muzikreviews.com wrote "Scott August has crafted a masterpiece with Hidden Journey." The influential website Mainly Piano.com review stated that "August blurs genre lines, creating his own unique styles. His music is bold yet laid-back", Hidden Journey is "an exceptional album."

August began his musical training on cello and piano, and became interested in world music when he was given as African kalimba at age 10. He discovered Native American style flutes in 1996 during a trip to the Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico. The flute’s haunting sound captivated him, and he soon began adding them to his recordings. In 2001 he founded his record label Cedar Mesa Music.
August has also composed music and sound design for hundreds of films, commercials and video projects for clients such as NASA, The Discovery Channel, Lexus, Chevrolet, HBO, Nabisco, and Minolta. The Los Angeles Times has called his music "shimmering and luminous." He studied composition at the University of Southern California.

August currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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