Amazing Grace for major scale NAF

An English hymn for NAF
Amazing Grace has become a standard in the repertoire of the Native American style flute tuned to a pentatonic scale, but it is actually better suited for a NAF tuned to a major scale. The hymn is in a pentatonic major scale, not the standard NAF’s pentatonic minor. A few flute makers are making major scale Native American style flutes. This recording uses one made by Jon Norris.

Although Jon’s flute plays a major scale from the bottom note, the major scale for this arrangement starts with the bottom three holes open. Similar to a Chinese xiao, starting the scale in the middle of the flutes holes makes it possible to play melodies that go below the root, which Amazing Grace does.

Jon’s major scale NAFs are quite versatile in that they can typically play two full major scales, two pentatonic major scales (similar to the xiao and Pueblo/Anasazi style flute) a pentatonic minor and a dorian scale.
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Major Scale NAF by Jon Norris

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For those who would like to play “Amazing Grace” there is sheet music available to download with major scale NAF finger diagrams. The download also includes an mp3 of the recording and is $0.99
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Amazing Grace for major scale NAF
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