The Complete Guide to the Native American Style Flute, 2nd Ed.

Corrections, Typos and Clarity
Although I tried hard to not let any typos get past me a few managed to do so. Here are some of the ones I’ve found
Page 53: Correction: Note stem direction
There a typo regarding the direction of stems. Notes which are on, or above, the middle line of the music staff have stems that point down and are on the left side of the note, while notes that are below the middle line have stems that point up and are on the right side. If there are several notes which are beamed together the note farthest from the middle line usually determines the direction of the stem. Figure 4.8 in the book is correct, however the text describes the stem direction incorrectly.
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Page 72: Number TAB
The third line ends on a Number TAB 3, but is marked as a 4. Cross out the 4 and write in 3. The musical note is correct.
Page 74: Rogue Lettter
Second paragraph. There is a rogue letter “d” between the first two sentences. Ignore it.
Page 112: Quiet Desert
This is not a typo, but a way to interpret the tied whole notes in Quiet Desert.. The notes at the ends of many of the phrases are notated as a whole note tied to a half note, or six beats, (upper line below.) This was done do show the flow of the tune. In practice these notes would not be held that long, and the player may take breath for up to two beats as shown on the lower line below. However, these beats should not be removed, even if a tone is not sounding. In other words, make sure you “play the rests”. The one exception to this would be the last note. Since no breath needs to be taken to play another note, it should be held the full six beats.
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Page 114: Winter Sun
In direct contrast to the example above, Winter Sun was displayed with rests to indicate breaths, (upper line below). However, some might find it easier to ignore the rests and take a breath where it is comfortable. Removing the rest would make the dotted quarter a full half note, (lower line below). In practice the breath needs to be taken before the next played note, you can not hold the note so long that it pushes back the time and destroys the tempo and flow. That said, it does not have to be exactly an eighth note. Again, the exception is the last note. It should be played its full value.
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Page 115: Gallisteo Road
The staccato notes in the second tune of Gallisteo Road are not notated correctly. In the book there are groups of three staccato notes, there should only be two, (as shown below).
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