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Private Instruction

The Santa Fe Flute School offers private, one-on-one, lessons with Scott August
Private Native American Style Flute (NAF) Lessons:
Scott August The Santa Fe Flute School now offers private lessons, one-on-one, with Native American Music Award winner Scott August, no matter where you live, using Skype or iChat online. Learn in a relaxed, non-threatening, non judgmental setting, at your own pace. Private sessons are tailored to match each student's individual needs and goals, whether you are a Beginner or more Advanced.

Scott August has developed a teaching technique to improve your playing in as little as 4 weeks. Allowing you to:
  • Be comfortable with your flute
  • Gain confidence in your NAF playing abilities
  • Understand how the NAF Scale works
  • Get out of a rut
  • Move quickly up to the next level
  • Remember what you play

There are three basic subjects to pick from:
Choose one or combine both to accelerate your progress.
  • NAF Playing Skills
  • End-Blown Flutes (Basketmaker, Anasazi, Mojave, etc.)
  • Improvisation and Songwriting for the NAF

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NAF Playing Skills:

  • Become more comfortable with your NAF
  • Learn how to improve your technique
  • Expand your breath
  • Strengthen your fingers
  • Add trills, turns and other ornamentations to your playing
  • Discover special effects and tricks
  • How to do tonguing effects
  • Enhance and strengthen your vibrato
  • Avoid common playing problems
  • Learn to play with a beat

Songwriting for NAF (Playing From the Heart)
  • Develop your song writing and Playing from the Heart abilities
  • Gain a better understanding of the NAF scale and how it works.
  • Improve your skills at improvisation (Playing from the Heart)
  • Explore composing your own melodies
  • Delve into basic song forms
  • Find out how rhythm works and make it work for you.

End-Blown Flutes (Anasazi, Mojave, Pueblo Style, etc.)
  • Introduction to the Anasazi flute
  • How to hold the flute
  • Lip position and placement "embouchure"
  • Getting your first notes
  • Perfecting your tone
  • Exploring the scales
  • Breath control
  • Tips to improving your technique

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Requirements: A Flute, a valid Skype or Facebook account, a web cam and mic, PDF reader, metronome and working printer
Prices are for lessons only and do not include the above requirements.

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