Private Instruction : Student Comments

"My musical journey with Scott as my instructor, has been such a wonderful experience, going from the beginning stages of learning about tempo and rhythms, how to do the basic fingerings on the flute, and breath control, to helping me learn how to create and play my own song.  His professionalism shows, and yet he is so humble at the same time.  He has opened my eyes to possibilities I didn't know were out there.  I've learned so much!"
- S Manning, Phoenix, AZ

" A few months after buying my first NAF I was playing along and learning new "tricks" as my fingers were gaining more dexterity and although I was still in love with this soulful instrument I started to recognize within me a feeling of being "stuck" ...lots of notes, lots of "runs" but no direction.....I was starting to lose interest ...
Then I discovered that Scott was giving [lessons] over Skype !! so I jumped into it (head first). WOW !! what a difference...

Scott is no doubt a super talented musician but also has the gift of being able to teach and connect with the student making his lessons not only entertaining but awakening !!Scott LOVES what he does and through his teachings, he delivers ALL the tools that the student needs to develop an even deeper connection with this beautiful instrument.

My level of enjoyment and satisfaction has increased tenfold after these 4 classes…" 
-Alex V.

"This past week, I had the distinct pleasure of having my first lesson with Scott. I had signed up for a 30 min lesson however, I got my money's worth as we ran over by 10-15 mins. [Scott] tries not to schedule back-to-back lessons just so it allows for some overage. We started with basic embouchure and a suggestion that...has allowed me to get to the second octave notes easier as well as smoothing out the fundamental octave notes. ...we covered several topics and basic drills that I think will be beneficial to furthering my end blown progress. It has already!!

Needless to say, I would recommend anyone interested in improving their end blown playing to consider taking a lesson or two. I don't think you'll be sorry."
-Mark, Albuquerque, NM

"Lessons with Scott are fun and you will learn."
-Dawn, N