Santa Fe Flute School
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The Resources Section is where you will find information to assist you on your flute journey.
This is the place to come for Books, articles, links and other useful info.
Buffalo Dance: Video for 3 NAFs
Song for three Native American style flutes
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Beyond Summer: Video for NAF in A
Live-Looping Native American style flutes song
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Blues on the Native American Flute
How to quickly give your NAF playing a Blues touch.
Blue Skies: A blues song for NAF with accompanying mp3 audio tracks.
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Online Resources for
The Complete Guide to the Native American Style Flute, 2nd Edition
Listen to recordings, watch video and more…
Intro to Number TAB
Learn how to quickly and easily remember and write down your musical ideas.

The Art of Articulation
How to make your playing clear and clean.
Songs from The Complete Guide to the Native American Style Flute, 2nd edition.
Songs for the Journey
Songs for for NAF Players and Students
Bonus Songs
Songs not included in the 2nd Edition of The Complete Guide to the Native American Style Flute
Babou’s Bounce
Danaz del Lagarto
Dreams End
The Xiao
One Flute to Rule Them All
Amazing Grace MP3s and Scores
For Xiao Good for beginning xiao players
For Major Scale NAF Play all the notes without half-holing
Scarborough Fair video and download
For Xiao. An arrangement of a traditional English ballad
Scarborough Fair
Xiao Song 6116
An Improvisation with free sheet music.
Buffalo Dance


Buying a Pueblo/Anasazi style flute
Scott August show you want he looks for, and avoids, when purchasing a Pueblo/Anasazi style flute

How to Enter Notes into Finale NotePad
The first in a series of video tutorials. Scott August shows how to enter notes into NotePad, a free music notation software for Mac and PC. Create professional looking sheet music of your songs.

How to Enter Number Tab into Finale NotePad
Scott August demonstrates how to add Number TAB into your NotePad scores

You can download NotePad for free HERE

Counting Dotted Rhythms
Scott August demonstrates how to count a common dotted rhythm