Xiao Song 6116

Improvisation for Chinese Xiao
Xiao Song 6116 is an improvisation for Chinese Xiao in G/D.
The music to "Xiao Song 6116" is from an improvisation that I filmed on June 1, 2016, or 6/1/16. The video and audio were recorded on a GoPro Hero 4 and the audio was left unprocessed, (no echo or reverberation were added.)

Although the xiao recorded was in the key of G (Chinese root), xiaos are capable of playing many different keys and scales. For example "Xiao Song 6116" is in the key of A pentatonic minor, the same scale as a Native American style flute in the key of A. Due to the extended range of the xiao the song also has notes above the octave and below the root! A well made xiao in G can play pentatonic minor scales in six keys!

In Harmony,
Scott August
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