The First Noel

A traditional English carol arranged for Xiao
The First Noel is a traditional English Christmas carol. Noel is a archaic synonym for Christmas. The song is of Cornish origins, however the composer is unknown. It was first published in 1823.

The melody of The First Noel is in a major scale that spans an octave and a 3rd. It is usually sung twice followed by a refrain. In this arrangement the second repetition of the tune is skipped. Taking advantage of the Xiao's range and flexibility this arrangement contains the tune in three different keys: D, F & G.

The notes of the free score (available below) are in Concert Pitch with Number TAB and finger charts displayed below the notes.
This arrangement is for Xiao, Celtic harp, mountain dulcimer, Dhol drum and bass. The Xiao performance was filmed and recorded live using Digital Performer.

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For those who would like to play “The First Noel” on their xiao Scott August is offering sheet music available to download with Xiao finger diagrams. The download is free. Just fill out the form below.

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