Scarborough Fair

A traditional English ballad for Xiao
Scarborough Fair is a traditional English ballad dating from the middle English period. It’s composer is unknown and by the end of the 18th century many versions existed. Scarborough is a town in Yorkshire.

The tune is in the Dorian mode, which are the notes of a major scale but starting on the second scale degree. The “Re” of Do-Re-Mi.

The Chinese Xiao, with its eight stops (holes), can play four major scales, and thus four Dorian modes.
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This arrangement is for Xiao, Celtic harp, mountain dulcimer, percussion and bass. The Xiao part was filmed and recorded live using Digital Performer.

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For those who would like to play “Scarborough Fair” there is sheet music available to download with Xiao finger diagrams. The download also includes an mp3 of the recording and is $1.29.
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Scarborough Fair for Xiao
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