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Fresh Meadow

by Heather Pengelley

A student song for NAF available for download
Heather Pengelley, is one of Scott August's Skype students. She lives in Quebec, Canada. Heather started lessons with Scott in January 2014, learning basic and intermediate techniques, and has begun to write her own songs for the Native American Style Flute. She composed the song Fresh Meadow for the first "Virtual Student Recital" in July 2014. Scott thought the song turned out so well that he invited her to share it, and its sheet music, on the Santa Fe Flute School website.

How Heather was inspired to compose Fresh Meadow:

"I was playing my flute to relax when the image of a meadow, freshened by a warm summer rain, sprang to mind. I composed this song, and my son, Steve, who works with LogicPro, was kind enough to add the thunder."

Here is Heather's description of Fresh Meadow :

"After a summer rain, meadow grass smells so fresh. The sun breaks through the towering thunderheads, and light glistens off water beads on the long blades. The swollen creek bubbles, and birds begin to sing. Thunder rumbles in the distance as the storm rolls away. I breathe the refreshing air and feel at peace."

You can listen to Heather's recording on this page and, if you would like to play the song yourself, download a printable PDF copy for free by filling out the short form below.

Here is Heather says about lessons with Scott August:

"Scott is an amazing teacher. His infectious enthusiasm, positive encouragement, practical tips, easy exercises, and exacting standards have helped to better my playing ability by leaps and bounds over a short time – and increase my knowledge of music. He makes it fun!"

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Mesa Moonrise

Heather notated Fresh Meadow in both
NAF TAB and Number TAB.

You can download the score to Fresh Meadow
by filling out the short form below.

Fresh Meadow
Heather and her son Steve

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