George's Song

by Tom Kinsella

A student song for NAF available for download
Tom Kinsella was a participant in the 2014 songwriting for NAF workshop "Soaring Spirits". In the workshop Tom composed the song "George's Song" and performed and recorded it for the rest of the workshop participants during the student concert. The song uses a major 3rd (#3 in Number TAB) and is in a meter of 3/4, which gives it a quality reminiscent of a celtic jig.

Here's Tom story about how George's Song came to be:

"George's Song was inspired out of a friendship that has endured over 44 years. During the summer months from my teaching career I spent many years as a canoeing, sailing and kayaking instructor. It was in the early 70's that I first met George Collier and his family. Over the years and after thousands of shared river miles our friendship has grown. In recent years George's health has been failing. On a river trip last September that he could not attend the idea for composing a lasting tribute song began to surface as a way to honor our friendship and the memories we hold dear."

Scott invited Tom to share George's Song here, in the Student Notes section of the Santa Fe Flute School website. You can listen to Tom's recording and, if you would like to play George's Song you can downloading a printable PDF copy for free. Just fill out the simple form at the bottom of the page.

Here is what Tom said about the 2014 "Soaring Sprits" songwriting workshop with Scott August:

"Scott offers an in depth and focused understanding of the building blocks of song writing in a supportive and encouraging environment. Participants explore melodies and rhythm while creating their own song to record! This intimate atmosphere offers participants something that other Native American Schools can’t offer - the time to immerse themselves in the song writing process."

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Tom has notated George's Song in both
NAF TAB and Number TAB.

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Tom performing George's Song
at the 2014 Santa Fe Flute School's
Songwriting for NAF workshop, "Soaring Spirits"

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