Virtual Student Recital

July 2014

A Virtual Recital by Scott August's Private Students.
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About Virtual Student Recitals
When I was young and studying cello and piano with private teachers, every six months or so, the students would gather at the teacher's house for a student recital. These events continued through my time in college. We were expected to learn a piece well enough to perform it in public for our fellow students and family members.

Recitals help get the student up to a certain level of proficiency and be able to demonstrate that skill to others. Doing this reinforces what they have learned and helps set a firm foundation for further study. Learning a piece for a recital involves not just notes, but phrasing, breath control, rhythm, any embellishments/ornamentation and vibrato. Being able to perform and/or record a song is essential to being a good NAF player.

Since my lessons are all done online through Skype, with students from all over the world, obviously I couldn't have my students come to my studio and perform in person. Therefore a few months ago, I asked all of my current students to prepare and record a song for a "Virtual Student Recital" (VSR).

I think you all did a great job, and I am very proud of each one of you.

In Harmony,
Scott August
The July, 2014 Virtual Student Recital
Each student did their own recording using a variety of equipment. The song order was chosen at random.
About the Students and their Performances

Casey Ruud
Casey is from Winthrop, WA. He is performing "Santa Fe Sunrise" from a collection of student songs by Scott August. Casey, with the help of his friend, Steven Foreman, a professional videographer, also did a video of this song, which you can watch below.

Max Cendalski
Max lives in Mission Viejo, CA but is originally from Poland. He is performing "Flight of the Swallows" from a collection of student songs by Scott August.

Kathryn Young
Kathryn is from Wentworth-Nord, QC Canada. She is performing "Condor Dance" from a collection of student songs by Scott August.

Heather Pengelly
Heather is from Beaconsfield, Canada. She is performing an original composition called "Fresh Meadow". Nature sounds were provided by her son Steven. You can download a free PDF copy of the sheet music to "Fresh Meadow" here.

Laura Ruud
Laura is from Winthrop, WA. She is performing a special student song called "Koko Kool Blues" written for her by Scott August due to her love of playing jazz on the NAF. Laura is accompanied on rattle by her daughter Donna.

Mark Nixon
Mark is from Weber ("Wee-ber"), UT. He is performing "Mesa View" by Scott August from the album Sacred Dreams. A printable PDF copy of Mesa View is available through the Cedar Mesa Music Digital Store. Mark also has an original song in the Student Notes Section of the Santa Fe Flute School website called Mesa Moonrise.

Kathryn Young
Kathryn submitted another recording for this Virtual Student Recital of her playing "Flowing Water" a song from Scott August's book The Complete Guide to Songwriting for the Native American Style Flute.

Henry Molder
Henry lives in Cave Creek, AZ. He is performing "Winter Sun" by Scott August, a song that was originally written for Scott's private students.. A printable PDF copy of "Winter Sun" is available through the Cedar Mesa Music Digital Store.
Bonus Performance

Casey Ruud: Santa Fe Sunrise by Scott August
Video by Steven Foreman